about our company

About the Agrarian

Agrarian is an Integrated Agriculture Solution Provider

Established in mid of 2018 in Haryana, the Breadbasket of India with Mission to Promote & Develop Zero Residue Farming Solutions.

Agrarian committed to Go With Nature and belife on Biotechnology Products those are are effective, non poisonous, eco friendly, cost effective and that leave zero residue through state-of-the-art technology

The effort of Agrarian will continue to keep our soil healthy & fertile for generations and improve yields which essential to a safer and healthier life for people every where

Core Competencies

  • Agility & Efficiency
  • Change Adoption
  • Customer-Centricity
  • Responsibility & Ownership

Core Values

  • Safety & Health
  • Sustanability
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Protecting Planet