Maximizer is biological fertilizer based on naturally occurring beneficial Potash solubilizing bacteria (KSB). Maximizer helps to solubilize insoluble potash in the soil to the soluble form and make Potash available to the plant and hence reduces use of Potash based chemical fertilizers. 

• It enhances soil fertility and incr se beneficial microbial population in soil.  
• It improves water retention taste, colour, texture, yield of the crop  
• It improves root architecture by hormone production, nutrient solubilize on 
  and  root colonization.  
• It helps in plant growth promotion through providing protection f m plant   
   pathogens and protecting them from stress condition.  

DOSAGE Kg/ Acre  
•  4 kg per acre Soil application: mix 4 Kg Maximizer thoroughly along with  
    40-50 kg of Compost/FYM/Dry soil. Broadcast the mixture in  
•  1 acre land area at the time of final land preparation.  
•  It can  also be applied to standing crop in field followed by light  irrigation.  
•  For big tree, apply 1 to 2 kg of mixture per tree twice in a year at active root zone.