Bio NPK is a natural fertilizers which contain microbial inoculants of bacteria (includes nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing, potash mobilizing etc) in combination and augment the availability of nutrients to the plants.

• Agrarian BioNPK mobilizes nutrients such as N, P, K and other micro nutrients 
  that favors better plant growth and Yields.  
• Its also secrets various hormone (Indole acetic acid, cytokines, and   
  Gibberellic acid) and Vitamins which helps in root and shoot development.  
• It Improves the physical and chemical properties of soil with aeration and 
  water retention capacity.  
• This helps batter germination rate of seed & also helps to solubilize micro 
  -nutrients (Ca, Mg, Zn, S, Fe etc.)

DOSAGE Kg/ Acre  
• 25 kg can be mix with appropriate amount o send/soil/fym and used 
   treatment of 1 acre by breasting.