Sulphorn is a biological fertilizer containing SulphurOxidizing Bacteria and Iron solubilizing bacteria, which

helps in solubilizing insoluble Sulphur and Iron and makes it available to plant in utilizable form. Sulphorn is essential for

the component of many amino acids, vitamins, hormones enzymes and enzyme co-factors. 


  • Converts the insoluble form of Sulphur and iron into  available form. 
  •  Activates number of enzymes and improve the  photosynthesis  
  • Increase number offlowers, fruits & grain size. 
  • Maintains the soil pH and Improves soil health.  

Dosage and Application : 

  • 3 kg per acre  
  • Soil application : mix 3 Kg Sulphorn thoroughly along  
    with 40-50 kg of Compost/FYM/Dry soil. Broadcast the  
    mixture in 1 acre land area at the time of final land  
  •  It can also be applied between 25-45 days  
    of sowing/transplanting followed by light irrigation. For  
    big tree, apply 20 to 50 gm of Sulphorn per tree twice in a  
    year at active root zone.