What Next

What Next - Go with Nature


Agrarian will work with agronomists to develop methods that will improve the use of soils and increase production of food, fibre cropsad medicinal plants.


Agrarian will promote research in crop rotation, irrigation, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control, insect control and disease control.


Agrarian will associates with Integrated agricultural biotechnology companies and farm management solution providers.


Agrarian will promote agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and the soil in which they grew.


Agrarian will associates with those are carrying out experiments to comprehend how plants respond on pathogens and insect pests or to environmental stresses like drought, salinity and pollutants


Agrarian will promote new technology which helps to develop crop varieties those are resistant to drought or to be regionally adapted to different environment and crop growing conditions.


Agrarian will work on critical areas like Agri Finance, food chains logistics, food processing, exports & cold storage capabilities within farmers reach.


Agrarian is committed to work on for high quality and scientific farm management solutions to all sections of agricultural community.